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Architectural Services


Architectural Services

Kurt Useldinger Architects provide a range of services from residential to commercial.  Each project is individually tailored towards the needs of the Client.  We will prepare estimates for services before beginning work.  As a general rule, architectural fees average approximately 5-10% of construction coasts.

   We enjoy transforming spaces into well functioning and aesthetically pleasing places- capturing the unique nature of the site.   We place a high priority on finding out the needs of the client and allowing this to morph into a great design.   We utilize 3D computer modelling software that help the client and contractor see the end product.


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 Predesign is so important.  If overlooked , it can doom a project.  The information yielded in predesign can point to the client's best strategy to achieve their goals.                    

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All the information developed in the Predesign phase is implemented in the Design phase.  We work interactively with the client to develop the floor plans and then go into 3D views to flush out the design.  Depending on the permitting process,  we can also produce drawings for Planning  Approval according to local approval guidelines.

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Construction Drawings for Permits

Once the Design phase is complete, we produce construction drawings that can be used to obtain building permits.  We work with the local building department to resolve any issues.

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Bidding and Negotiation

We can work with the Owner and  Contractor to help develop accurate bids.  We can also create and explore bid alternates for processing Construction.  

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Construction Phase

During the construction phase, we can make periodic site visits to observe work and work with the contractor and owner to look at progress and issues.